The Most Popular Strains of Weed

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Fashionable weed strains emerge each year, but along with the varieties that come and go, there are some strains that have been enjoying constant, consistent popularity for years, even for decades. Here are some.

Pineapple Kush

The result of pairing two legendary strains, OG Kush and Pineapple, this strain is 80% indica and is preferred by many for its fruity flavour that resembles the taste of fresh pineapples. The high offered by the strain is very relaxing – the muscles of the back become relaxed right after the first puff, the mind and its racing thoughts are almost instantly calmed and the sense of community is heightened as well, so the strain is perfect for summer afternoons spent with friends, talking, laughing and enjoying some delicious food.

Sour Diesel

The hybrid originates from California and it is true to its origins, adding the feeling of spending time outdoors, in the sun to the clear and focused high. The parent strains in the hybrid are Northern Light, Original Diesel, Hawaiian and Shiva, the result of teaming them being a potent strain of a marked, sour taste. Sour Diesel comes with a high THC content (around 19%) and moderate CBD content that is there only to enhance the laid-back, relaxed high.

Amnesia Haze

The high offered by this iconic strain is long-lasting and strong, due to its high level of THC (22%). The sativa-dominated strain is well-known for its energising effects and appreciated for making even the most withdrawn individuals want to take their shoes off and go dancing. The taste is pleasantly citrusy.

Jack Herer

Another legendary strain that relaxes the smoker without being too strong, Jack Herer is perfect for being enjoyed during the day, when you need to be active, running errands or tending to chores. The strain is high in CBD, being a great choice for those who use marijuana not only for relaxation, but also for medical purposes and its piny-citrusy taste makes it suitable for those who like the effects, but don’t like strains that come with a very strong taste and smell.

White Widow

One of the most famous and most appreciated strains worldwide, this hybrid is a staple entry on the menu of any coffee shop in Amsterdam. The white, hairy buds offer strong effects: the smoker will feel instantly euphoric and energized and the stuff is also known to stimulate social interaction and creativity. The flavor is instantly recognizable for anyone who has ever tried it – it is flowery, woody and earthy, all three at the same time.


The sativa-dominated hybrid is named after the assault rifle, but the high you can expect of it is, in fact, a mellow, long-lasting experience that enhances your creativity as well as your social skills, rather than an overpowering experience. The strain features a high THC content, but it is efficient for stress-relief purposes as well as for relieving pain and the effects are long-lasting and steady as well. The scent is quite heavy, but the taste is fruity and fresh.

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