Has the Medical Community Studied the Micro-dosing of Mushrooms?

The scientific and medical communities have condemned the use of psychedelic mushrooms for a long time. However, in recent years there have been many studies associated with the medical use of psychedelic substances like psilocybin to treat various medical conditions – including severe depression.

Micro-dosing is being used by many people in areas where psilocybin mushrooms are legal, and they claim that they have obtained amazing results. But what does the scientific community have to say about that? Have they even studied these anecdotal results?

Psilocybe spores

What the Anecdotal Evidence Suggests

Anecdotal evidence deals with evidence presented by people who have heard from their peers about the effectiveness of a treatment. The main problem with anecdotal medical evidence is that it is often unclear and it doesn’t have the backing of the medical community – although many researchers do take it seriously and might even suggest serious studies to be done based on anecdotal results.

For micro-dosing, the anecdotal evidence is extensive. People have been using micro-dosing for a long time, and they claim it helped them with depression, improved cognition and creativity, having more energy, developing a more positive outlook on life as well as having a livelier and more socially active role at work and at home.

The main issue here is, however, that it’s very hard to determine a “one size fits all” solution for micro-dosing. Psilocybin affects people differently, and each person has to find the best dosage for themselves, even if the same approach doesn’t work for anyone else.

The More Extensive Approach to Studying Micro-dosing

The science behind the practice of micro-dosing is recognized by many medical experts today, but there has yet to be a significant scientific study that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mushrooms are entirely safe and effective. Of course, 100% safety can rarely be claimed by any treatment, but because the scientific community is held back by legality issues and by the bad reputation that these psychedelic mushrooms get in the media and in society, a lot of the time, scientists and doctors are discouraged from pursuing the research, so the issue is mostly being ignored.

Another important problem is that micro-dosing, in its essence, can be difficult to study correctly. In many cases, people find their own unique ways through which they micro-dose on magic mushrooms, including adding them to teas and other drinks, as well as creating unique edibles, adding them to cookies and using them in many other ways. Of course, scientists could take each method apart and study it individually, but the time and resources that are required would be a challenge, and it can be very difficult to compare the results once they’re obtained.

Although psilocybe spores are legal to buy and own, the same can’t be said about the actual psychedelic mushrooms. Because psychedelics are illegal in most parts of the US, finding a diverse group to study can also be very challenging. Researchers would have to move to areas like California or study the effects of the psychedelics abroad, and they would also have to deal with the medical community and the political landscape in the area in question to even get funding for a smaller research project.

Why Have Some States Have Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are considered to be illegal in the US due to their content of the hallucinogenic compound called psilocybin, but the tendency today shows a marked movement towards relaxation and decriminalization. While magic mushrooms and psilocybin used to be extensively researched and largely unregulated until the 1970’s, since then, magic mushrooms are on the list of tightly controlled substances all over the USA. The mentioned relaxation and decriminalization started in the last years of the 2010’s, the possession of psilocybin-containing mushrooms in small quantities suitable for personal consumption being tolerated in many places. Here are some things worth knowing about the process.

penis envy mushrooms

The Motivation behind Decriminalization Tendencies

One of the aspects that have informed and motivated the change in attitude is the promising findings of scientific research into the potential medicinal uses of psilocybin. Study programs and research have started at the beginning of the 2000’s, with many leading scientists turning towards the compound. According to a company that sell spores for penis envy mushrooms, the studies conducted so far have revealed that psylocibin has many beneficial effects on sufferers of severe depression and anxiety, especially on depression that is unresponsive to treatment.

The other direction for research is to find out more about the compound’s potential as an aid in the treatment of addictions. So far, psilocybin has proven to be a non-addictive substance and very efficient in helping heavy smokers give up smoking while also minimizing or completely eliminating withdrawal symptoms. The positive results as an aid for smoking cessation is motivating further research into the potential of the substance as an aid in the treatment of other addictions as well.

The Current Situation

One of the first and most important steps in the field of decriminalizing psilocybin was made in May, 2019, when Denver, Colorado became the first municipality in the US to decriminalize the compound after an ordinance issued after having won the vote with a narrow 50.6%. According to the ordinance, mushrooms were not legalized, but the authorities no longer prosecuted individuals over the age of 18 for possession. The following important step was made a month later, in June, 2019 in Oakland, California, when 30 individuals testified in front of the city council about their experiences of having used magic mushrooms and the council voted to decriminalize the substance. A similar process took place in Santa Cruz, California in January, 2020, taking it all one step further and adding the cultivation of psilocybin to the list decriminalized activities. In September, 2020, the municipality of Ann Arbor in Michigan also took to a similar path. Just two months later, in November, 2020, Oregon became the first state in the US to not only decriminalize the active compound in magic mushrooms, but also to legalize it for being used for medicinal purposes. The process continued with many other regions and municipalities following the first examples, the most notable examples being the District of Columbia in November 2020, Washtenaw County in Michigan in January, 2021 and many others. The municipalities that have most recently joined the list include Seattle, Washington and Arcata, California, with others likely to join in the near future, too.

Medical Studies About Microdosing of Mushrooms

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The practice of microdosing psychedelic substances – ingesting extremely small quantities at specific intervals –, including magic mushrooms like golden teachers mushrooms, has taken off in recent years, with many individuals who have tried the method reporting that they have experienced minimal acute effects, but many long-term health benefits. Scientific research in the area is still scarce, but it is ongoing – here are some scientific study results on the subject.

Observation of Individuals Engaging into the Practice of Microdosing

Two studies performed in the UK and in Australia, respectively, have followed almost one hundred individuals who engaged in microdosing psychedelics over a period of six weeks. During the process, the participants provided daily reports about the way they were feeling. 63 of the participants also underwent regular psychometric testing to provide information about their mood, attention, level of creativity, general wellbeing, sense of agency and provided accounts of their mystical experiences. The findings of the studies revealed a generally heightened psychological activity on the days when the participants engaged in microdosing, but no or very little residual effects of the kind during non-microdosing days. The overall results reveal that the practice of microdosing has had many, long-term positive effects on the participants, mainly in the form of reduces levels of depression and anxiety, higher levels of focus and concentration.

Gauging Expectations and Beliefs

To gain more insight into the way microdosing was perceived, researchers in the UK and in Australia also conducted a study on a much larger group consisting of 263 people, either naïve or experienced in microdosing, to find out how the expectations and beliefs related to the process might influence the psychological effects. The study found that all participants believed in the positive effects of microdosing, the beliefs and expectancies actually being much higher and much more positive than the actual effects.

Clinical Research

The effects of microdosing psilocybin have been studied among clinical circumstances as well, a randomized, double-blind trial having been conducted by researchers of the Johns Hopkins University revealing that psilocybin could produce substantial and prolonged reduction in depression and anxiety in cancer patients in terminal phases of their illness. Other studies focused on the mystical and spiritual effects of microdosing psilocybin to healthy individuals, the results and findings revealing that almost all participants reported having important, even transformative experiences as well as long-lasting positive effects on their mood and attitude towards life.

The Direction for Further Research

The existing studies have opened a multitude of paths for future research, including the goal of achieving a deeper understanding of the psychopharmacological effects of psychedelic substances, including psilocybin and the objective of determining the relationship between various dosages and the experiences and effects elicited. A possible avenue for future research is the study of the long-term effects of microdosing psilocybin and other psychedelic substances on mental health, while also exploring the possibilities of using the substances for medicinal purposes on a larger scale, maybe even in ways similar to the ways that cannabis-based products are being made available to more and more people.

What Research Has Been Done on the Benefits of Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Research knowledge on Medical Psilocybe Cubensis Spores

Modern medicine is often at a loss to understand or find ways to treat problems relating to mental health. Everything from mild anxiety to severe dementia or schizophrenia can be treated only to some extent, but the actual cure for many of these conditions has yet to be found.


The issue is also that not even a fraction of how the brain truly works has been understood so far. As such, when we discover that something as unusual as a psychedelic mushroom might actually have a proven positive effect on mental health, scientists tend to listen.


What Are the Effects of Magic Mushrooms on Mental Health?


Magic mushrooms can apparently make us crazy. People who have been taking them for years say that as much as 3.5 grams of a magic mushroom can induce a psychedelic state complete with weird hallucinations and sensations that you wouldn’t normally experience unless you are severely disabled. Fortunately, these effects wear off pretty quickly, but the fact that the mushrooms have more positive effects when used in smaller doses is quite intriguing.


Science and experimentation has shown that by micro-dosing your portions of psilocybe cubensis spores, you can experience:


  • A heightened state of awareness in which you can pay better attention and focus on your work with greater ease;
  • More energy, as you will be able to do a lot more things in a short time span without feeling tired or drained;
  • Reduced pain and a general sense of contentment and happiness;
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety and depression;
  • An ability to think more creatively and keep your thoughts outside the box.


Whether you’re an artist, an engineer or a social worker, micro-dosing has been known to have a beneficial effect on just about anyone, as long as the dosages are small enough to avoid inducing a psychedelic experience.


How Science Hopes to Find All the Answers


By growing mushrooms in the lab, subjecting them to various experiments and extracting their hallucinogenic compounds at various stages of their development, scientists hope to find out more about what makes magic mushrooms tick and how they can enable the effects that they produce.


Researchers have already conducted many tests on patients suffering from severe depression and anxiety, as well as those with chronic pain or who have certain emotional disabilities or blockages. The results were quite amazing, as many of the people who tried even smaller doses of the mushrooms have experienced impressive recovery symptoms. Some have even stated that the effect the mushrooms had on them were the most intense positive experience they had in their entire lives.


Currently, the hope is that future research into the use of psychedelic mushrooms can pave the way to better solutions for treating mental health issues that are even more serious and complex than the ones shown above. Although there is still a lot of research to be done, the current use of magic mushrooms shows a promising start to what can be one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using CBD Oil?

As you may know, both authorities and healthcare professionals are changing their views on the use of cannabis, both for recreational and for medical purposes. The plant, with the scientific name Cannabis sativa, contains over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Out of these, cannabidiol is the compound that has benefits for health, from relieving pain and anxiety, to other specific beneficial effects that are still under research.

Why CBD Got the Green Flag for Medical Use

When people think of cannabis or marijuana, they automatically associated them with the idea of “getting high”. This psychoactive effect is given by one of the components of these plants – THC. Cannabidiol does not have psychoactive properties. Thus, by isolating it from the other chemical compounds, healthcare professionals offer patients a safe alternative treatment, without the mind altering side effects.

At the same time, compared to standard treatment for pain, which relies heavily on opiates, CBD does not create addiction in patients. They can use CBD oil for as long as they need it, and then stop the consumption without experiencing withdrawal.

CBD oil Pueblo

Why CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol can be used in several forms, such as capsules, edibles (butter, gum) or cream. However, for patients who want to experience the beneficial effects in the shortest time, CBD oil is the best solution. This form of ingesting CBD has the fastest absorption rate, thus, it acts faster. CBD oil Pueblo retailers offer a variety of oils, lotions, and capsules to treat specific ailments.

This is important for people who are looking for relief from various conditions. And since we got to this point, let us discover some of the benefits of using CBD oil:

  1. Pain Relief

Using CBD for pain is not a new discovery of the medical science. In fact, cannabis is one of the oldest painkillers known to mankind. The first documentary evidence of using this plant to treat pain comes from China around the year 2,900 BC.

At the present, many people suffering from chronic pain use CBD oil and experience all the benefits without the negative side effects (drowsiness, disorientation, withdrawal) of opiates.

  1. CBD May Reduce Acne

Acne is not only a passing inconvenience associated with puberty. Around 9% of the adult population suffers from this skin condition, sometimes with devastating effects on self-esteem. One of the causes of acne is excessive sebum production in the lower skin strata.

CBD may prove effective in reducing the symptoms of acne by regulating sebum production. At the same time, a clinical study showed that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol are also effective in reducing acne.

  1. CBD May Reduce Seizures and Spasms

Several independent clinical trials have indicated that CBD oil is beneficial for patients suffering from seizures and spasms caused by:

  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Dravet syndrome.

Although these trials are not definitive proof and more research is needed, the patients who received CBD oil experienced an improved quality of life.

  1. CBD May Be Used to Treat Addiction

In an unexpected twist of situations, the active ingredient of a recreational drug may be the solution to treat addiction and substance abuse. During a medical research, medical professionals found that CBD modifies the circuits in the brain responsible with drug addiction. A group of test subjects have already experienced a decrease in their addiction to heroin and morphine.

The Legality of Using CBD in Certain States – Is CBD Legal Everywhere?

CBD oil online

Since the legalization of CBD started, a lot of people became confused about whether or not CBD might actually be legal in their state. To this day, there are dozens of states where CBD and CBD oil online sales are accepted as legal, but there are also many restrictions associated with the marijuana-derived compound, some of which might as well count as bans.

Fortunately, as long as you keep informed at all times and consider the legality of CBD in your area, you won’t run the risk of being stopped by the law or of any unreasonable restrictions being imposed that you might not know about.

Where Is CBD Fully Legal?

As long as it’s derived from hemp, CBD is legal, and has been federally legal since 2018. However, “federally legal” and “completely legal” are two very different concepts.

While “federally legal” means that the product can be legal everywhere, each state in part will ultimately determine the status of CBD based on their own local policies. As a result, you might use your CBD oil without worry in places like Nevada or California, while your family members in Missouri will require a state registration to prove they are over 18 years old, before using any type of product containing CBD.

The places where CBD is legal without any restriction include Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and Wyoming.

Types of Restrictions

Now, CBD restrictions come in many shapes and sizes, and before you can use the drug in any form, you have to get informed as to whether or not that actual form is allowed in your area. Some sellers might try to fool you to sell their wares in areas where CBD is not allowed, but take great care, since they and their buyers alike are taking a great risk in even possessing CBD products in those places.

As for the major restrictions, there are places like South Dakota, where CBD is illegal regardless of its form or variety. You’ll also find there are areas such as New York, Montana and Washington, where the possession and use of CBD with food and beverages is completely prohibited.

Less imposing restrictions also include having to register for a license in order to sell the compound and CBD products only being allowed to be sold in cannabis stores. States like Maine even have less common restrictions such as having to make sure your CBD comes strictly from a licensed Maine provider.

Navigating the Changes

New Hampshire is one of the states where the regulations regarding the use of CBD are still being discussed and modified. Similarly, states that have previously banned the compound entirely might be more open to discussing its use at least when it comes to medical applications in the near future.

The Most Popular Strains of Weed

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Fashionable weed strains emerge each year, but along with the varieties that come and go, there are some strains that have been enjoying constant, consistent popularity for years, even for decades. Here are some.

Pineapple Kush

The result of pairing two legendary strains, OG Kush and Pineapple, this strain is 80% indica and is preferred by many for its fruity flavour that resembles the taste of fresh pineapples. The high offered by the strain is very relaxing – the muscles of the back become relaxed right after the first puff, the mind and its racing thoughts are almost instantly calmed and the sense of community is heightened as well, so the strain is perfect for summer afternoons spent with friends, talking, laughing and enjoying some delicious food.

Sour Diesel

The hybrid originates from California and it is true to its origins, adding the feeling of spending time outdoors, in the sun to the clear and focused high. The parent strains in the hybrid are Northern Light, Original Diesel, Hawaiian and Shiva, the result of teaming them being a potent strain of a marked, sour taste. Sour Diesel comes with a high THC content (around 19%) and moderate CBD content that is there only to enhance the laid-back, relaxed high.

Amnesia Haze

The high offered by this iconic strain is long-lasting and strong, due to its high level of THC (22%). The sativa-dominated strain is well-known for its energising effects and appreciated for making even the most withdrawn individuals want to take their shoes off and go dancing. The taste is pleasantly citrusy.

Jack Herer

Another legendary strain that relaxes the smoker without being too strong, Jack Herer is perfect for being enjoyed during the day, when you need to be active, running errands or tending to chores. The strain is high in CBD, being a great choice for those who use marijuana not only for relaxation, but also for medical purposes and its piny-citrusy taste makes it suitable for those who like the effects, but don’t like strains that come with a very strong taste and smell.

White Widow

One of the most famous and most appreciated strains worldwide, this hybrid is a staple entry on the menu of any coffee shop in Amsterdam. The white, hairy buds offer strong effects: the smoker will feel instantly euphoric and energized and the stuff is also known to stimulate social interaction and creativity. The flavor is instantly recognizable for anyone who has ever tried it – it is flowery, woody and earthy, all three at the same time.


The sativa-dominated hybrid is named after the assault rifle, but the high you can expect of it is, in fact, a mellow, long-lasting experience that enhances your creativity as well as your social skills, rather than an overpowering experience. The strain features a high THC content, but it is efficient for stress-relief purposes as well as for relieving pain and the effects are long-lasting and steady as well. The scent is quite heavy, but the taste is fruity and fresh.

Look for a dispensary near me and check out these different strains of marijuana.

Examining the Most Important Studies About Marijuana and What They Can Reveal

Have you heard about any significant studies about marijuana being conducted in recent years? Since it’s understandably one of the most popular and controversial recreational and medical drugs of the 20th and 21st centuries, marijuana is often under the spotlight. Scientists have been looking to unlock more of its secrets for years, and there are still many mysteries about the cannabis plant that have yet to be revealed.

Since states like Colorado and California have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and pot shops can be found just as easily as a Starbucks, it stands to reason that researchers would push for more studies to be conducted these days than ever before.

Marijuana Studies and What They Have to Say

marijuana medical research

A recent report released in January 2017 seems to show comprehensive amounts of data on the effects that marijuana has on human health. What do the main studies about marijuana really have to say? By glancing at the report in question, you can see for yourself, as the report contains information from more than 10,000 different studies covering a wide range of effects associated with marijuana use.

Of these studies, we have selected some of the most important and conclusive ones to understand the full influence that cannabis can have on the human body:

  • When it comes to the risks of marijuana use, these studies show the drug as being less damaging than we have thought. The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology has published a study in August of 2017, showing that marijuana smokers faced greater risks of experiencing high blood pressure than regular cigarette smokers. However, studies by the Mayo Clinic show an opposite result – that the drug decreased blood pressure instead of increasing it.
  • Another study, this time shown as part of a report from the National Academies, shows that even though regularly smoking marijuana can lead to bronchitis, the practice doesn’t cause lung cancer as other recreational drugs would.
  • Cannabidiol is one of the major compounds that are a part of cannabis and are responsible for the drug’s medicinal uses. A lengthy study concluded in September 2017 and published in the Journal of American Medical Directors Association has shown that marijuana actually led 1/3 of the participants to get rid of chronic pain and avoid using damaging prescription medication.
  • Another study, this time published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, has even shown that chronic cannabis users have a higher rate of blood flow in the brain, which leads to a decreased risk of stroke.

What Can Be Concluded?

The most prevalent (and surprising for some) conclusion about marijuana use is that it’s not as damaging to your health as most scientists have assumed in the past. According to many experts, cannabis doesn’t cause cancer like cigarettes would, and many of the unwanted health effects of the drug are much less concerning than we were led to believe. Moreover, marijuana – if taken in proper doses – is known to have a remarkably positive effect when it comes to dealing with pain, nausea and even the alleviation of some of the more problematic health conditions you can come across.

When it comes to evaluating the main studies about marijuana, it’s clear that the data can’t show us a whole lot, however, as medical science continues to make fast progress, it is feasible that the drug can be understood more thoroughly in the next few years and decades. Let’s hope that marijuana labels Colorado legislators see the need to include powerful and useful information about the properties and healthy uses of marijuana.


How to Run a Gift Shop – Creative Tips for Success

Knowing how to run a gift shop, having creative and lucrative ideas about how to develop your business are essential for shop owners who want to stay ahead of their competition. Gift shops are nowadays facing cruel competition, with new businesses emerging one day and going out of business the next. However, with some careful planning, attention to details and to customer demands, shop owners can differentiate their businesses and they can consolidate their position on the market without having to lower their prices to unsustainable levels – here are a few tips how.

Adding Value

bottles of wine whiskey tequila vodka. watercolor silhouettes.

The best shops, whatever they sell, are always the ones that help customers choose the right products or the ones that add other services to make life easier for their customers. Some are also dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado. Many of these services add value without demanding shop assistants to work more and without requiring shop owners to make investments – here are a few tips:

  • Consultation services – many customers looking for gifts to surprise their loved ones know only that they want to buy a gift, but have no idea what it should be. Experienced and helpful shop assistants can figure out the right gift by asking a few simple questions about the age, sex, personality and preferences of the gift’s receiver, thus establishing the shop that not only sells things, but where people can turn for advice as well.
  • Gift wrapping – Many shoppers consider gift wrapping difficult and time-consuming, so they will be happy to be able to get the gifts wrapped as well. You can wrap the items bought in your store for free and for a small fee you can make the services available for people coming with items they bought somewhere else.
  • Host events – book signings or workshops about decoration or knitting are excellent events for attracting customers to your store.


Use Modern Technology

You can use computers and mobile devices for streamlining both your business operations and the shopping experience that your customers enjoy. There are numerous analytics and reporting functions that you can use to optimize your inventory and to predict the products that your customers will look for this months based on the sales data for the same period last year, while deploying tablets can help your shop assistants provide better, more efficient services to your customers.

You can also consider launching a business website for your shop. You can have a simple, attractive and informative website that tells visitors about you, your shop, your products and your services or you can add the option to buy your products online, by adding a webshop to your site. A few well-designed, informative pages will surely drive more traffic to your shop, but the decision to launch a webshop needs to be made after the careful analysis of your sale figures, otherwise the new option can become more of a costly burden than an opportunity to grow.

Do You Homework

Gift trends are in constant change – items that were in high demand last year might be considered completely old-fashioned today. The best way to find out about the latest and hottest trends is by attending fairs and trade shows where you can see what other businesses similar to yours in size and profile sell.

While looking for ideas how to run a gift shop, try to keep an eye on the financial aspects – small, carefully calculated steps can be more lucrative than a large investment that burdens your business finances.

5 Common Reasons Why People Use Marijuana


Not many countries have legalised the act of consuming marijuana. But many countries are looking forward to doing so because they cannot do anything with the consumption of marijuana. Despite the law being stringent, people still do consume, and the law of the land is not able to stop it, and that is one of the major reasons why the government is making it legal. Also, there are a lot of facts that prove marijuana is not as risky as you think it is and also it is not addictive. But here are some of the common reasons why people love marijuana.

Psychological want:

This factor has nothing to do with addiction because the agents that are found in marijuana are not addictive and is definitely not going to kill you even if your overdose yourself. It is simply the way we are addictive to other normal things of life, and smoking weed can be a psychological want. Nothing about marijuana is desirable, and it is simply the act of doing it.

Kills pain:

Marijuana can make you feel numb, and the whole body forgets the pressure that it is in. That is the reason why it helps to kill pain that is present in the body. Consuming marijuana can act as a drug in a body, and that makes your body forget the pain that is in. This is highly useful for patients who are going through medical conditions and treatments that can cause a lot of pain. But regular use is not advisable as that can act against the prescribed drugs that you are consuming.

Reduces anxiety:

consuming marijuana

Are you someone who gets anxious more than how you have to feel? If you think that it is abnormal for you to feel so anxious for a simple situation, then marijuana can help you out. Marijuana helps in reducing stress, anxiety and pressure and that is the reason as to why we suggest that you consume and possibly you could skip a panic attack.

Peer pressure:

Peer pressure is the common reason why people start consuming marijuana. In most of the cases, we suggest that you don’t give in to such habits because you might not be able to leave it at a point. Consume it only if you are interested in doing so. You need not have to do it out of force. But this is one of the predominant reasons why we have a lot of people across the globe who smoke marijuana now.

Medicinal purpose:

This is one reason that you can’t skip. Marijuana is pretty much medical than you believe it could be and that is the reason why they have become legal in many countries. There are a lot of medicinal benefits that you can enjoy as a result of consuming marijuana. This is also a major reason why a large population consume marijuana.